What is Lysis?

Lysis is a marketplace connecting vintage sellers to vintage lovers- or future vintage lovers!

We sell high-end vintage and second-hand fashion pieces (read below to understand the difference).

We partner with the best high-end vintage boutiques, in Paris for now, but soon global, to open their catalog of curated pieces to the world. So, most of their clothes and accessories can only be found online through Lysis!

Beyond creating this exceptional catalog, Lysis was born with another goal: to offer a unique experience, at least as good as first-hand. When it comes to quality, customer service or styling, our priority is to meet the highest first-hand standards. But on top of that, we want to share with you the story/ies of those unique products.

We should all expect more from second-hand fashion. And we are working hard to offer you more, through:
- a great curation
- a great fashion experience
- a great customer service

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What is vintage for us?

There has been some confusion around the word ‘vintage’ which has been a bit overused lately.

The strict definition of vintage refers to items that are at least 20 year-old. Most of the vintage dealers we work with only curate genuine vintage clothing and accessories.

We also accept second-hand items that are more contemporary, dating back from the 2010s. 

Our goal is to share with you a part of the story and heritage of the most prestigious brands and houses which have shaped fashion through the decades. What we aim to offer on Lysis are iconic items from all times such as Chanel 2.55 or Hermes Birkin as well as items you can no longer find on the first-hand market as they belong to previous collections. Our mission is not to offer the latest items from luxury brands at a lower price but rather to open the doors to amazing and rare products from iconic luxury houses.

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Should you have any query, complaint, or suggestions, please get in touch with us. We are looking for any kind of feedback!

And if you are a vintage dealer and would like to sell on Lysis, please get in touch here:

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